53/54 Review: “Kleenex: A Truly Boring Product”

for my second to last post with project 54 I decided to review some different kleenex advertisments. I went on youtube and found over 50 differenet kleenex ad’s. Many of them were repetitive but I have chosen that I believe are unique to eachother and are much more interesting than your average kleenex advertisment. These ones are crazy and I have trouble believing one in particular ever made it on air, but I believe these ad’s are creative and very interesting. They relate to the brand of kleenex because the purpose of all of these ad’s is to sell kleenex tissues. They relate to the directive of review because I am simply reviewing and analyzing the different advertisements. I hope to point out what I believe to be unique about each commercial, and how I believe the idea was created and how the idea was intended to sell the product. I will review and compare the advertisements to the other clips I have shown and also to more stereotypical kleenex advertisements we are all familiar with.

For video #1 this is one of the less unique kleenex advertisements out there but I still believe it is creative. Most kleenex ad’s have to do with someone being sick and maybe being comforted with a kleenex. This ad focuses on children and parents like a lot of ad’s do. This shows a teacher who is home sick from school, obviously her students need her. They come to her house bearing a box of new anti viral kleenex. Here, kleenex is branding itself as a friendly product that is there for you when you need it. It can save the day killing germs giving the teacher back to her students. In this commercial they say “Thank goodness for kleenex tissues” as if no brand other than kleenex would be able to get the teacher healthy enough to return to her students. I think this commerical is unique because of how much thought was put into using the cute little kids, and showing how much the students relied on their teacher. Their relieance on their teacher is similar to the teachers reliance on the brand of kleenex to help cure her cold. This is somewhat similar to the standard kleenex advertisement but to me it is very apparent how much thought went into what appeared to be such a standard commerical.

Clip #2 is VERY different from any advertisement I have seen for kleenex or any other product for that matter. This one caught my attention immediately mostly because of how wild and crazy the idea was. This commercial was obvioulsy not from America and that is likely why I have seen nothing like it before. Commericals like this help me realize that in other countries products can be marketed in a very different way when the intentions of what they are trying to sell is the same. We may think a commercial like this is insane but to people in a country like Japan it may make those consumers flock to the shelves to buy and rely on kleenex. This commercial shows what appears to be a baby ogre sitting next to his mother and a box of kleenex. The baby seems extremely cranky and irritated as the mother reaches for a kleenex. She tries to kiss him and then lets loose of a kleenex which then begins soaring through the air. This is hard for me to understand, as I do not know how a commercial like this endorses the product really. It is similar to common commercials as it has a mother and a child but the fact he is dressed as an ogre and that a kleenex starts flying away is strange to me. I am sure there is very good reasoning beyond my knowledge that has to do with the japaneese culture that makes this clip make sense but as of now I am unaware.

Clip #3 is a much more modern looking advertisement. It shows a monk helping different animals to safety including spiders, turtles and more. He is a savior to the animals and is shown as a hero to the animals. Many people may disregard the animals but the monk is not your average person. The ad says “thank goodness for forgiveness, thank goodness for kleenex tissue.” It talks about how an anti viral kleenex kills99% of germs. The creators of this advertisement appear to be attempting to relate the kindness and forgiveness the monk has in his heart for the animals to the killing ability of kleenex. Kleenex kills germs while the monk is saving and forgiving animals. The monk may not like the idea of killing at first because he could have killed the animals like the spider but when the idea of killing germs comes up he seems pleased. The music in this ad is very soft and comforting just like the kinds of sounds you may relate to a brand that emphasizes itself on being soft and comforting. The mand did some gross things and got his hands dirty helping save those animals, and he does not need to worry about getting sick because of the germ killing ability of the kleenex.

The final video clip is of a diverse group of people who need a kleenex each for a different reason. The first person seems to be sick with a cold and needs a kleenex to blow her nose, the next person is extremely sad about the stock market crashing and needs a kleenex to get rid of his tears, the third person is a guy who uses a kleenex to clean off make up he was wearing while dressed as a women, and the final person is shown sitting at a toilet with no toilet paper left. The end of the ad presents teh question of “Kleenex, do you need another reason” This slogan is showing the ability of kleenex to be used for so many different things. A kleenex in your house can be used for all of the abovre reasons in the advertisement along with an infinite amount of other reasons. This commercial brings commedy and teh ability for consumers to relate the product to uses that they may need a kleenex for on an every day basis. This is more creative than a lot of other kleenex ad’s and gets the product across very well in waht I believe to be a great marketing strategy.


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