50/54 Progressive “The Enviornment”

For this post with the directive of progressive I focused on the process by which a kleenex comes to be. Kleenex is a recyclable product so the process can repeat itself over and over which fits the progressive directive well. The product relates to the brand because I am focusing on how specifically a kleenex facial tissue comes to be and how it can be re used after the long step by step process that leads to a kleenex.

Kleenex just like all paper products come from trees. This is where the idea of progressive is really important. Planting and growing a tree is a very long drawn out process. First you have to dig a hole, then you take seeds and put them in the dirt. Next you put dirt back over the seeds and pat down the dirt. It will be a long time before a tree is grown, you have to make sure the seeds get water daily and plenty of sunlight. Trees like the trees that kleenex come from (which are listed below) can take several years to reach full growth. Once the tree is fully grown they will be chopped down and taken to a mill and crushed down into pulp. After the tree the next stop in the process is to mix the pulp with water. After that the mixture is dried, stretched out and then bleached. This in itself is a much more complicated process than I am making it sound like. After the tissues are made they have to be packaged, distributed and sold. Once the kleenex are sold and used they can be recycled and the entire process can start again.

-The success of our products has been based on helping people fulfill their needs for comfort, softness and cleanliness with high-quality and gentle products.-

What types of trees are used to manufacture Kleenex® Facial Tissue?
Selected tree species, including spruce, fir, aspen, maple and eucalyptus contain thin wood fibers which contribute to the desirable characteristics of softness, absorbency and strength in Kleenex® tissue.

Can Kleenex® Facial Tissue boxes be recycled?
Our cartons are fully recyclable with the poly insert attached. They are accepted at recycling facilities across the country.







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  1. curiousgeorge201

    this is a very transcendental idea! I like the idea of incorporating trees into the post! Creativity at its finest

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