47/54 Progressive: “Mount Everest”

The steps to climbing mount everest, get cold.

2. Proceeding in steps; continuing steadily by increments

For my first post with progressive I connected the difficulties of climbing Mount Everest with the Kleenex brand. The idea first came to my head because of the dynamics surrounding the task of climbing Mount Everest. It is a very difficult process that involves years of training your body physically and mentally. To get your body into prestine shape to be able to endure a climb that could last up to several weeks. Mount Everest is over 29,000 feet tall and the conditions that one must endure while climbing it are extreme. There are below freezing temperatures, near vertical sections of climbing, ice gaps, lack of oxygen, lack of food and water, short days, long dark nights, and more. Whenever I watched a movie on Mount Everest it always talked about the great percentages of people that did not finish and had to turn back, the people who died on the way to the top, and the people that had to be airlifted out. The common theme that I noticed, along with exhaustion, was the freezing temperatures and checkpoint areas. The freezing temperatures is how I connect kleenex in this idea which will be further explained later, and all of the checkpoints and time training is how I connect the directive of progressive which I will also explain further later. Whenever you watch a video blog or see any type of media from Mount Everest climbs you notice how the climbers prepare to protect themselves from freezing temperatures more than anything else. They are not shown packing food away in their bags, they are rather shown putting on up to 8-10 layers of clothing, gloves, face masks, hats, hand warmers, feet warmers, and more. They place a huge emphasis on fighting the cold which is why I though the brand of kleenex connected so well to Mount Everest. You hear about how people get frost bite or gang green, and when they have interviews you notice how their eyes are ALWAYS wattering, and how their noses are always running on their rosy red faces. The climbers often talk about how they lose feeling in their bodies, particuarly in their faces. Kleenex is designed to fight a cold just like the other precautions the climbers use. When watching video blogs you see climbers whiping their faces off with tissues in order to make themselves look presentable and to keep the snot or drool or tears from freezing on their faces.

The climb of Mount Everest is not just something you can get motivated and do, which is why being progressive is so important here. You have to spend years of training to get your body to have the stamina to endure the climb. Before even considering signing up to climb the mountian you have to spend years training and pass a series of test proving your heart rate, lungs, and more are all capable of with standing the extreme conditions that will ineviteably be run into on the mountain. They will not simply let you show up to the base of the mountain and climb it becaue you would surely die. They insure your safety by making sure your body is healthy enough and you are mentally prepared enough because once you start there is no turning back. I think progress is very important in training because I am currently myself training for a marathon. Part of that is running a higher number of miles every week which is slowly making progress to my goal. It takes several weeks but your body gets used to the training and is able to with stand more and more pain as time goes on. Training for Mount Everest is undoubtedly more difficult than training for a marathon so I imagine the training schedule for that would be extremely intense and take a lot of time to steadily build your body up week by week with slow progression. Progression is also key when you actually get to Mount Everest and begin your climb. This is not a climb that you can start early in the morning and finish by sunset. This is a climb that will take weeks. Each day climbers have a goal, and have to move forward and make a certain amount of progress to reach their goal which is the checkpoint. Based on skill there can be several checkpoints after they reach the initial base camp which itself can take 6-8 days to reach. The key to climing the mountain is to continually motivate yourself to make progress nad make it to the next checkpoint and eventually to the top all while withstanding cold and wind and other factors that are dangerous and could make you sick. Everyone knows climbing the mountain is an extremely drawn out enduring process and progression is key in moving forward to your goal, and kleenex could be charished by climbers as they deal with the sickening conditions.


46/54 Social: “Baseball Comics”

For my final post with the directive of social I decided to do something completely unique to what I have done so far with project 54. I created a comic strip and decided to make it about baseball because that is something that interests me. I decided to make a comic strip about baseball and how a kleenex tissue could be used in the sport by players, coaches, umpires, and fans. The connection to the directive is the social interaction that the different characters in my comic are having with each other. They are discussing kleenex and how they are using them in different baseball scenarios. The connection to the brand of kleenex is the fact that a kleenex can be so useful in social situations such as baseball and that all of the characters in the slides are using kleenex.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them and read the interactions the characters are having in my comic!

45/54 Social: “Time to Keep to Yourself”

Being social is usually a great thing in our society. Being social can lead to popularity, fame, connections with friends and future business opportunities, political party advancements such as a Presidential candidate gaining popularity and much more. For this post with the directive of social I have decided to illustrate some situations in which being social is a very bad thing. I think the idea of pointing out situations when being social is a bad idea is a very creative post because I think most people believe being social is always a positive thing in life.

One of the worst things about being sick, is how contagious many sicknesses often are. This can be something simple like a cold, or something very unique like a virus. I am going to outline some places that you should avoid when you have a serious cold or virus. You may think it is safe to go out when you are sick as long as you have a kleenex, but that is not true!


We all remember playing hooky when we were in elementary school. Thinking back on it, our parents probably knew every single time we were faking it. We all remember telling them we had headaches or felt dizzy or another stupid excuse. What many of us may forget are the times we were at school, and were asked to go home. Some parents force their kids to go to school even when they are sick and I have vivid memories of hearing teachers tell me or other students that we need to go to the nurse and go home because we are sick. With so many kids running around school, the spreading of germs is inevitable. So many people use the bathroom, sneeze in class, or wipe their noses on their hands then touch every door nob or keyboard in sight. Those are some of the reasons teachers advise so strongly for children who are sick to go home so they do not get other kids sick. I remember in high school when people were getting staph infections. They told anyone who had one not to come to school even though they were likely physically able. Once about 5 people were reported to have gotten a staph infection my school seriously considered shutting down. Some people may really want to go to school so they do not fall behind, or because they want to be social and hang out with their friends or see a girl they may like. It is so important to stay away from school and suck it up and lose your social life for a few days in order to stop yourself from getting others sick and needed kleenex.


Work is very similar to school. Adults may likely want to go to work even when they are sick as a dog. Adults with full time jobs only get a certain amount of sick days or vacation days every year so they really value them. Also a lot of working adults have children at home and want to make sure they do not get their children sick. Adults force themselves to go to work even when they are so sick for so many reason. They want to make sure to save their vacation days, they want to be healthy around their kids, they want to earn their wages to support their families, and more. Work is just like school where people are closely confined in small work spaces. If you get your entire office sick you will be in even more trouble than if you skip a few days so it is important not to go to work when you are sick. Stay home, hold your box of kleenex close and stay under the covers for a few extra hours of sleep. Being at work is being in a social enviornement. You must interact with others all the time and work together to get your job done. Work is also a place where a lot of people have friends or meet their spouses which is also very social.


It is important to not over react and go to the hospital when you are sick! Hospitals are places where hundreds of sick people filter in and out of every day. Hospitals are socail places because of how people are forced to interact. Patients must interact with nurses, doctors, and surgeons. If you are really not as sick as you think you should stay away from the hospital and avoid the risk of becoming more sick with more dangerous diseases. You would also be putting people with serious illnesses in a bad position as you are forcing them to wait longer and risk letting them infect other people. Kleenex is important here because of how many kleenex are used in a clean hospital and are used specifically for sick people.


It may be a friday night after shcool and all of your friends are going out to a party. You may be very jealous and feel like you can just suck it up and take some anti biotics and go out for a night of drinking but you are wrong. Alcohol mixed with anti biotics is very dangerous and should never be done. Also parties are usually very crammed places and if you were to sneeze you could get germs on another person or in another persons drink. Being in such close quarters can almost guarantee that you will get another person sick so it is important to stray away from being social on your average firday night when you are sick. If you go out you will not get healthy and will risk getting your friends sick!

44/54 “Social Butterflies”

Social Butterfly:
– Someone who is VERY social and easygoing; can be either a male or a female. Usually these people don’t belong to a particular group, but rather jump from one group to another. They are somewhat accepted in all of them, but don’t really have any deep friendship connections in any of them.

– It’s a word/title that is usually used to describe someone that is popular. Often times those people are friendly or pretty, but it is not always the case. It is not always used to describe popularity alone, it could also be describing someone who is friendly to strangers. Typically a word used to describe females.

With the directive of social I immediately thought of peoples personal relations and communication. The idea of a social person makes me think of someone who is very popular, has a lot of friends, a lot of connections, and a very busy schedule. That idea of being social made me think of the term social butterfly, which many people know and have heard of as a slang term used to describe an overly social person.

My idea for this project is simple, but very unique. I decided to connect kleenex to social through the term “Social Butterfly”. You can understand the connection of the term social to butterflies because of the slang term social butterfly and its meaning. I gave two definitions from urban dictionary which are at the very begining of the post. Those definitions accurately represent my interpretation of a social butterfly as well. That being said, I connected kleenex to butterflies because of the delicacy of the butterfly wings and caterpillar cacoons. I remember when I was little I used to enjoy catching butterflies and I would do so by grabbing their wings and then trapping them in my hands. Personally when I think of butterflies I think of the many colors and designs that the butterflies have on their wings. I also think of how soft and delicate their wings are, often wondering how it is they can fly in the sky without their wings tearing apart since they feel as though they are so thin and soft. I think butterfly wings feel just like a kleenex tissue which is the main connection in this post. I would challenge people to close their eyes and feel both a kleenex in the shape of a butterfly wing and a real butterfly and see if they could tell the difference. In my opinion this would be just like taste testing pepsi and coke, as it is very difficult to tell the difference. I am convinced this is a unique yet very acurate post. Wings do feel like kleenex tissues, and butterflies connect to the directive of social because of the term “social butterfly”.

I have created some butterflies using kleenex and markers. My intentions were to make them look just like real butterflies to represent how close butterflies wings could look just like a real butterfly. Enjoy the pictures!

43/54 Social: “Kleenex Board Games”

With the directive of social, I once again am brought back to my childhood. One of my favorite memories with family and friends was coming together and playing board games. To this day, I still consider board games to be one of the most social activities people can do together. Whenever I am sitting around with family or friends watching TV on a snowy day or a boring day we always seem to play board games to pass the time. I am making the connection with this post from board games to social because of how social of an activity playing board games are, like I said, board games bring people together and give people a reason to interact with eachother. I connect board games to kleenex because of the way kleenex brands itself, and the way I recall board games in my childhood as being a family and friendly event. Like I have discovered and described in past posts, kleenex is often marketed as a comforting and colorful brand that uses many mothers and children in their advertisments. On tv and on the internet you see commercials for example of kids in a field sneezing and having their mothers hand them a kleenex. You also see babies and children together smiling and laughing with kleenex in the background. Kleenex to me has always been a brand marketed to make itself dominant and make itself the brand that every family household must have! The idea of kleenex branding itself to families and children remind me of my childhood, being young and playing board games with my mother, my family, and my other young friends. It is likely that while gathering in the living room with my family that there was likely a box of kleenex very close by.

I created a few hand crafted board gamed and puzzles out of kleenex to illustrate my idea. I will likely get together with my friends and classmates and be social and play these games! Enjoy!

42/54 Safety “Survival in the Desert”

For my last post with my self given directive of safety I am going to tell you all a hypethetical story that I came up with. It is a story about a person who is trying to survive in the Desert with just a box of kleenex. I am relating kleenex to safety because kleenex is what is keeping you alive during your struggle for your life in the desert. I am relating this to the brand for the obvious reason that the kleenex is all you on your journey in the desert. You may think it would be hard to survive with just a kleenex but through this story and its wildly creative idea you will understand the many ways a kleenex can help you that you may never have thought of. Enjoy:

Once upon a time an experienced sky diver named Johan was preparing for a standard 10,000 foot free fall in Scottsdale, Arizona. Johan had done over 300 dives in his life, never without issue. He was very experienced and loved to teach people about sky diving and go on sky diving adventures with his friends and students. Johan was a 6o year old man, but not your typical 60 year old man for more reasons than his sky diving obsession. Johan also hated hankerchiefs which is not common given his age. For people born at the same time era as him, in the 1950’s, they usually preferred hankerchiefs. As we know today lots of old people usually carry the same old hankerchief in their sleeve instead of using kleenex like most young people. Johan was all about becoming new age and keeping up to date with fashionable and hip things. This was larely in part of his love of young women. His sky diving was notsafe but he always thought it was a great pick up line to find himself a nice young women. He also wore similar clothing to young people instead of clothes an older man would usually wear like a sweater vest. Johan loved to sleep with women the night before one of his big diving excursions. The women loved him and would always beg him to stay the next morning for his own safety. They hated the idea of thinking something could go wrong which would lead to his death. The women sometimes cried when he left in the morning, but Johan had a box of kleenex tissues on his bed night stand at all times because of his hate of hankerchiefs since he refused to accept his age and settle down in life.

On this extremely hot August day in Arizona Johan did his normal routine. He called a pilot to fly him and went down to the airport to prepare himself. Johan was very strange in what he brought with him up in the plane. He wore sky diving goggles, a leather helmet, his jump suit, a parachute, and 5 pocket size on the run kleenex packets. No one understood why he brought those kleenex with him and he never explained to anyone why he did so. What people did not know was that he did this for safety. Johan knew that you were not able to bring much with you on a dive as there was limited room in his pockets. Johan believed that if there were ever to be an accident that these kleenex would be able to save his life or keep him alive. Johan did not know that he would ever actually have to use the kleenex in that scenario until this day. Johan was 10,000 feet in the air without an ounce of nervousness in him when he jumped out of the plane in clear skies. He could see for miles during the initial seconds of his jump but that was all about to change. While free falling he began doing tricks like flips and kart wheels but suddenly out of nowhere a giant sand storm erupted below him. Johan deployed his parachute hoping to land safely as he had hundreds of times before but this time he would not be safe. The wind got a hold of his parachute and flung him through the sky, he blacked out due to the extreme force of the winds and when he awoke he was in the sand in the middle of a desert with nothing around him except caves and desert. He was not sure where he was but believed he was in Americas largest desert in New Mexico. Johan was scared but knew he could be safe because of his kleenex. Johan had a gps on his backpack so he knew people would be coming for him, but also knew it would take up to 10 days for people to hike to him and rescue him. He went from cactus to cactus punching holes into them. He then inserted kleenex in to them to soak up the water that was inside of the. He then had a wet kleenex that he could hold above his mouth and squeeze to get the water and clench his thirst on such a hot day. Surprisingly the desert got extremely cold at night time. To help with the cold weather at night time Johan would put the kleenex all over his body under his clothing to add an extra layer. Also, at night time he made a pillow and a blanket out of kleenex to keep him comfortable and make sure he had an adequate amount of sleep to keep energized and healthy during the day while he waited for rescue. During the day he would sweat a lot so he put kleenex in his armpits to collect the sweat and fool his body into thinking he was not sweating to keep from sweating out all of his weight. Johan was very hungry and had no food. He knew that eating kleenex was unhealthy but also knew help was on the way so he could do it. He would eat kleenex knowing that the kleenex would expand in his stomach to keep him full. Johans final step was making a big S.O.S. sign out of kleenex so that when rescuers came they would know where to look as the white kleenex would stand out against the yellow/orange sand. Johan was rescued in 7 days and thanked God and his kleenex. People at home had been morning what they believed to be his death and had been using all his kleenex, but little did they know that kleenex is what saved his life.

The End


41/54 Safety “Titanic”

For my next post with my self given directive of safety I decided to connect the brand of kleenex to my directive of safety because of the safety vest or life vests used for passengers on board of the Titanic. The idea of the titanic first came into my mind because the anniversary of the Titanic crash is coming up this week, and the movie has recently been re released into theaters in 3D. I even read an online article that a cruise is taking place now that departed at the exact same time as the Titanic did 100 years ago, and they even intend to reach the iceburg at the exact same time that the incident with the ice berg took place. That is pretty creepy if you ask me, but that unique of an idea for a cruise definitely motivated me to come up with a unique idea for my post. I remember I was very little when the Titanic movie was released for the first time when I was young. I know older girls really loved the movie, largely because of Leonardo DiCaprio. I know several hundred people died when the Titanic crashed, though some people (mostly women and children) did escape to safety in safety life vests on small emergency boats. The crash of the Titanic was a very sad situation. This is part of the reason I connected it to kleenex, because of how sad the Titanic crash was, and how many people died, which certainly would cause people to cry and mourn the loss of family and friends. Another connection I made was the amount of people that cried during the Titanic movie. Many people cried during the movie because of the love between the two main characters, along with the many deaths and struggles that take place in the movie. I also related kleeenex to the titanic and to safety vests because if you place a kleenex in water it floats on top of the water just like a safety vest would. They both float and in my hypethetical case the kleenex would be able to keep you afloat while the ship is sinking near by.