48/54 Progressive “A Kleenex Savior”

What if a kleenex was the only man made object that a tribe in Africa had. Would they worship it as an idle, use it to start fires, how would they react if a kleenex dropped out of the sky?

For Project 54 I have always wanted to do something that had to do with giving a kleenex to a person or group of people who had never seen one before and seeing how they would react. Clearly everyone I know or would be able to find would know exactly what a kleenex was so I had to resort to creating a hypathetical situation. With the directive of progressive I wanted to dig deep into the word in order to insure I would come up with a unique idea oppose to something that had to do with just taking steps. I found the following definition as about the 4th possible definition of progression and thought I could use this to finally connect to my idea of showing a kleenex to someone who has never seen it before:

4. (Social Science / Education) denoting or relating to an educational system that allows flexibility in learning procedures, based on activities determined by the needs and capacities of the individual child, the aim of which is to integrate academic with social development

With this definition it talked about how progressive can mean more than just taking steps and how it can actually relate to social science and education. If someone had no idea what a kleenex was they would have to examine it, and learn how to use it and decide what they wanted to use it for. It would eventually be used in the persons every day life as I’m sure they would find it useful like all people who currently have access to kleenex. My idea is based around the social and educational aspect of how a kleenex would be used and what it would be thought of like if it was dropped into a remote unsocialized African village. Try to close your eyes and imagine the most remote village you can think of with nothing but huts, wild animals, unclothed people who arent able to relate to anything man made. Now imagine if a box of kleenex fell out of the sky into the small village…

A young 5 year old boy named Mbah sees something fall out of the sky and runs to see what it is, he lived in a small village with no running water, no electricity, and no form of communication with anyone outside of the village. In fact most people did not even know this small village existed and the people that lived in the village had no idea there were other people in the world. They did not wear clothes and they lived a very simple life. The men would hunt for food all day and the women would cook the animals and tend to their gardens. The children played all day long and often tried to help thier parents. The children loved to be comforted by their parents and to sleep under soft blankets that their mothers sewed with wood needles for them. The children valued many of the things that we know kleenex to brand itself to. Kleenex brands itself around softness and comfort, and in seveal of their advertisments they use mothers and their children just as the mothers comfort their children in this village. When Mbah saw the object falling from the sky he ran to find out what it was. He found the box and was over joyed and immediately brought it back to the male leaders of the tribe. The tribe was so intrigued because they had never seen anything man made before. They thought that the kleenex must have been a gift from the gods. They did a tribal dance around the kleenex as they thought it was so holy because of how rare it was and how soft, delicate, and comforting it was which are all values that the tribe practiced. They prayed for more kleenex and began thinking of ways they could use them. They first used it when one hunter came home with a gash in his leg from hunting a boar. They used the kleenex to stop the bleeding and then bandaged him up with leaves from a tree. They were begining to think that the kleenex was the best thing they could ever ask for as they learned more and more ways to use it. They began to use the tissues from the kleenex as markers for a soccer like game they played and they would kick the box past a goalie to try and score. They also learned that when they got sick that the kleenex would be good to sneeze into and wipe their faces. The most useful thing they began to use the kleenex for was to apply war paint. They would dab the kleenex in animal blood and then make designs on their bodies as war paint and ceremonial paint to worship the god’s. It was a long learning process to decide what to use the kleenex for but with a progressive attituted they thought of more and more ways to use it and began using kleenex in their everyday lives.


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