45/54 Social: “Time to Keep to Yourself”

Being social is usually a great thing in our society. Being social can lead to popularity, fame, connections with friends and future business opportunities, political party advancements such as a Presidential candidate gaining popularity and much more. For this post with the directive of social I have decided to illustrate some situations in which being social is a very bad thing. I think the idea of pointing out situations when being social is a bad idea is a very creative post because I think most people believe being social is always a positive thing in life.

One of the worst things about being sick, is how contagious many sicknesses often are. This can be something simple like a cold, or something very unique like a virus. I am going to outline some places that you should avoid when you have a serious cold or virus. You may think it is safe to go out when you are sick as long as you have a kleenex, but that is not true!


We all remember playing hooky when we were in elementary school. Thinking back on it, our parents probably knew every single time we were faking it. We all remember telling them we had headaches or felt dizzy or another stupid excuse. What many of us may forget are the times we were at school, and were asked to go home. Some parents force their kids to go to school even when they are sick and I have vivid memories of hearing teachers tell me or other students that we need to go to the nurse and go home because we are sick. With so many kids running around school, the spreading of germs is inevitable. So many people use the bathroom, sneeze in class, or wipe their noses on their hands then touch every door nob or keyboard in sight. Those are some of the reasons teachers advise so strongly for children who are sick to go home so they do not get other kids sick. I remember in high school when people were getting staph infections. They told anyone who had one not to come to school even though they were likely physically able. Once about 5 people were reported to have gotten a staph infection my school seriously considered shutting down. Some people may really want to go to school so they do not fall behind, or because they want to be social and hang out with their friends or see a girl they may like. It is so important to stay away from school and suck it up and lose your social life for a few days in order to stop yourself from getting others sick and needed kleenex.


Work is very similar to school. Adults may likely want to go to work even when they are sick as a dog. Adults with full time jobs only get a certain amount of sick days or vacation days every year so they really value them. Also a lot of working adults have children at home and want to make sure they do not get their children sick. Adults force themselves to go to work even when they are so sick for so many reason. They want to make sure to save their vacation days, they want to be healthy around their kids, they want to earn their wages to support their families, and more. Work is just like school where people are closely confined in small work spaces. If you get your entire office sick you will be in even more trouble than if you skip a few days so it is important not to go to work when you are sick. Stay home, hold your box of kleenex close and stay under the covers for a few extra hours of sleep. Being at work is being in a social enviornement. You must interact with others all the time and work together to get your job done. Work is also a place where a lot of people have friends or meet their spouses which is also very social.


It is important to not over react and go to the hospital when you are sick! Hospitals are places where hundreds of sick people filter in and out of every day. Hospitals are socail places because of how people are forced to interact. Patients must interact with nurses, doctors, and surgeons. If you are really not as sick as you think you should stay away from the hospital and avoid the risk of becoming more sick with more dangerous diseases. You would also be putting people with serious illnesses in a bad position as you are forcing them to wait longer and risk letting them infect other people. Kleenex is important here because of how many kleenex are used in a clean hospital and are used specifically for sick people.


It may be a friday night after shcool and all of your friends are going out to a party. You may be very jealous and feel like you can just suck it up and take some anti biotics and go out for a night of drinking but you are wrong. Alcohol mixed with anti biotics is very dangerous and should never be done. Also parties are usually very crammed places and if you were to sneeze you could get germs on another person or in another persons drink. Being in such close quarters can almost guarantee that you will get another person sick so it is important to stray away from being social on your average firday night when you are sick. If you go out you will not get healthy and will risk getting your friends sick!


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