42/54 Safety “Survival in the Desert”

For my last post with my self given directive of safety I am going to tell you all a hypethetical story that I came up with. It is a story about a person who is trying to survive in the Desert with just a box of kleenex. I am relating kleenex to safety because kleenex is what is keeping you alive during your struggle for your life in the desert. I am relating this to the brand for the obvious reason that the kleenex is all you on your journey in the desert. You may think it would be hard to survive with just a kleenex but through this story and its wildly creative idea you will understand the many ways a kleenex can help you that you may never have thought of. Enjoy:

Once upon a time an experienced sky diver named Johan was preparing for a standard 10,000 foot free fall in Scottsdale, Arizona. Johan had done over 300 dives in his life, never without issue. He was very experienced and loved to teach people about sky diving and go on sky diving adventures with his friends and students. Johan was a 6o year old man, but not your typical 60 year old man for more reasons than his sky diving obsession. Johan also hated hankerchiefs which is not common given his age. For people born at the same time era as him, in the 1950’s, they usually preferred hankerchiefs. As we know today lots of old people usually carry the same old hankerchief in their sleeve instead of using kleenex like most young people. Johan was all about becoming new age and keeping up to date with fashionable and hip things. This was larely in part of his love of young women. His sky diving was notsafe but he always thought it was a great pick up line to find himself a nice young women. He also wore similar clothing to young people instead of clothes an older man would usually wear like a sweater vest. Johan loved to sleep with women the night before one of his big diving excursions. The women loved him and would always beg him to stay the next morning for his own safety. They hated the idea of thinking something could go wrong which would lead to his death. The women sometimes cried when he left in the morning, but Johan had a box of kleenex tissues on his bed night stand at all times because of his hate of hankerchiefs since he refused to accept his age and settle down in life.

On this extremely hot August day in Arizona Johan did his normal routine. He called a pilot to fly him and went down to the airport to prepare himself. Johan was very strange in what he brought with him up in the plane. He wore sky diving goggles, a leather helmet, his jump suit, a parachute, and 5 pocket size on the run kleenex packets. No one understood why he brought those kleenex with him and he never explained to anyone why he did so. What people did not know was that he did this for safety. Johan knew that you were not able to bring much with you on a dive as there was limited room in his pockets. Johan believed that if there were ever to be an accident that these kleenex would be able to save his life or keep him alive. Johan did not know that he would ever actually have to use the kleenex in that scenario until this day. Johan was 10,000 feet in the air without an ounce of nervousness in him when he jumped out of the plane in clear skies. He could see for miles during the initial seconds of his jump but that was all about to change. While free falling he began doing tricks like flips and kart wheels but suddenly out of nowhere a giant sand storm erupted below him. Johan deployed his parachute hoping to land safely as he had hundreds of times before but this time he would not be safe. The wind got a hold of his parachute and flung him through the sky, he blacked out due to the extreme force of the winds and when he awoke he was in the sand in the middle of a desert with nothing around him except caves and desert. He was not sure where he was but believed he was in Americas largest desert in New Mexico. Johan was scared but knew he could be safe because of his kleenex. Johan had a gps on his backpack so he knew people would be coming for him, but also knew it would take up to 10 days for people to hike to him and rescue him. He went from cactus to cactus punching holes into them. He then inserted kleenex in to them to soak up the water that was inside of the. He then had a wet kleenex that he could hold above his mouth and squeeze to get the water and clench his thirst on such a hot day. Surprisingly the desert got extremely cold at night time. To help with the cold weather at night time Johan would put the kleenex all over his body under his clothing to add an extra layer. Also, at night time he made a pillow and a blanket out of kleenex to keep him comfortable and make sure he had an adequate amount of sleep to keep energized and healthy during the day while he waited for rescue. During the day he would sweat a lot so he put kleenex in his armpits to collect the sweat and fool his body into thinking he was not sweating to keep from sweating out all of his weight. Johan was very hungry and had no food. He knew that eating kleenex was unhealthy but also knew help was on the way so he could do it. He would eat kleenex knowing that the kleenex would expand in his stomach to keep him full. Johans final step was making a big S.O.S. sign out of kleenex so that when rescuers came they would know where to look as the white kleenex would stand out against the yellow/orange sand. Johan was rescued in 7 days and thanked God and his kleenex. People at home had been morning what they believed to be his death and had been using all his kleenex, but little did they know that kleenex is what saved his life.

The End



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